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Founder at Jetsdealers.

Corporate and transactional aviation attorney with international legal experience.

High premium on providing legal support in French, English and Spanish.

Focus in representation of aviation clients, buyers and sellers of executive and commercial aircraft and helicopters, in negotiating sales and purchase contracts and leases.

Main specialties are contracts, project and transactions management for aircraft sales and acquisitions, aircraft leasing and financing, aircraft maintenance and aircraft asset management.

Developing contacts and networking, passionate by customers relationships, experienced in negotiating and managing complex contracts, very good understanding of the technical issues regarding aircraft.

Extensive experience in the aviation industry, deeply familiar with the issues confronting it.

Experienced in representing foreign airlines, aircraft component buyers and sellers.

 - Jetsdealers



Founding Partner at Locatelli Sani Accountants in Milan.

Chartered Accountant, Accounting Auditor and Court Technical Consultant, registered with the Order of Chartered Accountants of Milan.

Master in Accounting, Budget and Corporate Financial Control at the University of Pavia.

She mainly provides and deals with business, accounting and tax consultancy, with specific skills also in the social security environment. At Locatelli Sani she is in charge of a team of resources dedicated to assisting partnerships, individual enterprises, professionals and individuals, thus representing a valuable support for the team dedicated to the corporate department.

Expert in the taxation of direct and indirect taxes, filing of tax returns and quantification of taxes. She has gained considerable expertise in the field of inheritance law, including tax and relevant filing of tax returns.

 - Jetsdealers



EASA Part 66 Aircraft Maintenance Manager

License – Categories: C and B1.1, B1.2, B1.3, B1.4

Aircraft Rating:

Q C  (Large Aircraft)

Q C  (Aircraft other than large)

Q B1.1(Airplanes Turbine) Mitsubishi MU2B - Cessna 500/501 - Cessna 550/551 - Cessna 560       

Q B1.2 (Airplanes Piston) Full Group 3

B1.3 (Helicopters Turbine) Subgroup 2B Eurocopter - Eurocopter AS 355 - Agusta A109 - Agusta AB206/Bell 206

B1.4 (Helicopters Piston) Robinson R22 - Robinson R44